Why Pemmex is the Best HR Software in the Market (HCM, HRIS)

Updated: Feb 26

Pemmex is the most modern, innovative and automated HR software in the market. It is possible to achieve great results with Pemmex to boost employees experience and engagement.

Pemmex was designed to fulfill all Human Resources needs in one place. Many HR software claim the same but customers end up paying separately per module which means the actual value from data is not obtained in many cases.

Simple and Elegant User Interface

Pemmex HR Software's User Interface is intuitive and designed in a very friendly manner. It is self explanatory and does not require searches from users to get to the topics. All your daily needs are met from the most simple user interface for any HR software in the market. It is an experience to use Pemmex HRIS for Employees, Leaders, HR, Finance, Consultants, Management and Freelancers. Interactive UI is responsive regardless of the device type providing omnichannel experience.

100% Automated and Configurable Workflows

Pemmex's comes with many HR business processes out of box which are fully automated. For example, you can change a consultants hourly rate, employees bonus percentage and salary with just few clicks.

Work on Your Terms

Pemmex Human Capital Management Software supports configurable workflow approvals. It is up to the customer to decide how many step approvals are required for any workflow automation. Pemmex HR software can go to any lengths to get approvals or you can keep it plain and simple.

HR can themselves change the approval workflow based on business needs. No need of expensive consultants to do such changes for the business and HR. It is your business and Pemmex HR software gives you full control of your business workflows.

Artificial Intelligence

Pemmex Human Capital Management software is using Artificial Intelligence to support leaders in decision making. The use of AI is giving additional help to Leaders hiring the talent where there may be hundreds of applications for the position. Pemmex AI can analyze applicants without bias and order them with relevance for the advertised position.

Similarly, our AI algorithms can predict the churn percentage in a team. This enables leaders to take action before it is too late.

Moreover, Pemmex AI supports forecasting for workforce and HCM budget forecasting.

Power Business Intelligence via Data Analytics

Pemmex HR software is innovative in the use of data analytics for making leaders, HR and finance job fun on day to day basis. HR is expected more and more to drive business value in the future. Pemmex HR software is the right partner to support HR to sit on the driving seat of company's strategy and become true business partner.

A complete HR Solution

Pemmex is a complete HR solution. It provides one stop shop for all your Human Capital Management needs. Pemmex is not selling separate modules but gives complete SaaS solution to the customers.

Pemmex HR software is very cost efficient solution for all your Human Capital Management needs. We can replace any existing software while promising more than 200% RoI. Employees experience is enhanced as people do not need to switch to multiple systems to fulfil business needs related to HR. On average companies are using 4 systems or independent modules to fulfil HR needs. We are offering one complete fully integrated product.

Pemmex boosts Employees Engagement

Pemmex HR software is a powerful employees engagement platform. Customers can run daily questionnaires, quarterly or bi-annually employee surveys to measure Net Promotor Score. Pemmex is taking 360 view of the whole organization with its carefully selected 40 questions. Pemmex keeps track of answers as well as trends in different teams.

Pemmex Engagement software also provides feedback on which levers to use to promote areas which are lacking compared to the target.

Transparency towards Employees

The millennials expect and appreciate transparency by employers. Pemmex supports full transparency. Pemmex can show how an employee is being paid against the market benchmark. Pemmex may also show how employee is earning compared to peers in the company. Pemmex is fully capable to be open to show bonus schemes, company grading profiles etc. It's all configurable and we can adapt to your unique needs.

Designed for Medium and Large Enterprises

Pemmex Human Resources Information System is designed specifically for medium and large enterprises. It is capable of meeting all the unique requirements set by big companies. It is also capable of integrating to any system via its open interface micro services.

Consultants and Freelancers

Pemmex HR software is the only human capital management (HCM) system which is extending its capabilities to the consultants and freelancers.

Costs Savings

Pemmex HR software is designed intelligently to avoid data duplication and hence we can offer solution in 50% of the price compared to the competitors.

Our AI and advanced analytics brings significantly more business value to the customers.

Customers may reduce hiring expenses when Pemmex intelligence helps them to keep employees more engaged and loyal to the organization. It not only reduces head hunter expenses but also the training costs for new hires where Organizations are spending Millions annually.

Continuous Pulse

Most Organizations are measuring pulse annually. Pemmex supports continuous feedback to the employee NPS and loyalty ensuring one timers are not affecting the results.

Performance and Appreciation

Pemmex HR software enables 121 performance discussion between the leader and the team members. This ensures there are documented measurable targets against the set bonus payout. Such approach encourages employees to give their best increasing company's overall achievements.

There is also possibility to do one time appreciation bonuses.

Organizational Structure Changes

Pemmex HCM supports Organizational team changes and cost center changes in a drag and drop manner.

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