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Updated: Feb 26

The recent Covid19 pandemic has changed the way we think about work. Before 2020, work from home was a luxury available to mostly IT people for some days a month or up to 50% of the working days. HR SaaS software enables efficient working from home.

Pandemic forced all of us to take a different perspective to the work from home picture. As a human race, we were all willing to survive and take drastic steps to safeguard our health, family as well as business. It is the will of human race that helped us survive and achieve great results.

Work from Home More Productive

“Several studies have shown that work from home has been more productive. Owl Labs study reveals that 70% felt meetings from home were less stressful in 2021. Some studies estimated productivity increased by 47% while working from home”

Many Organizations struggled in the beginning to enable its employees to work from home efficiently. However, today's technology to work collaboratively across the continents helped employers to shift to hybrid or work from home models quickly. This significantly lowered the spread of Covid19 as well. HR Software also helped leaders to take care of their routine tasks remotely in secure manner.

Performance Increased by 13%

A study by Stanford which was done over 9 months period indicates that productivity has increased 13% while working from home. The right collaboration tools like HRIS, MS Teams, Zoom, Google Meetup, Webex, HR Software and others enabled good employee experience at the same time.

Pemmex HR Modern and Innovative HR Software (HRIS, HCM)

“Pemmex is designed to support work from home, hybrid work (mix of office and work from home), consultants in near shore or off shore locations as well as freelancers around the world.”

Many Organizations who were not supporting remote work have now adapted hybrid working environment where employees are encouraged to come to office only when face to face meetings are more valuable. Such can be the case where active collaboration on the topic is more beneficial than sitting in the video calls for hours.

Getting Inspired

Let us help you Pemmex your work from home or hybrid working challenges. We can take care of time management, payroll, human content management and employee engagement. All in one HR software that solves real world challenges in the most modern and efficient manner (#wfh #hrsoftware #hris #employeeexperience #employeeengagement). Pemmex also extends its time management, performance, billing and analytics to consultants and freelancers. So that you can take care of your human asset in the most comprehensive manner. We use Artificial Intelligence to pemmex all your HR needs in one place.

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