Excellent Employee Experience helps to Hire and Retain Best Talent


Give full transparency to the employees with modern payroll features of Pemmex employee experience and engagement platform.


Employees can see their payment history with details for overtime payments, holidays pay, appreciation bonuses and other perks like car, mobile or house allowance.

Utilization Analysis

Managers can check team utilization rate. It is helpful to assign resources in most efficient manner. 

Pemmex highlights under utilized resources as well as the trend of overtime and payments.

Human Capital Management

A complete solution to Human Capital Management challenges faced by the organizations.


Human resources are the most important assets of a company. Our solution helps HR to steer Organization in a strategic manner and become true Business Partner. 

Talent and Performance

Measure the employees, consultants and freelancers performance against set criteria or KPIs. Add the flavor with soft values and build a culture of reward or appreciation for performance.

Identify key talents and ensure they are challenged to make the difference.

Identify low performers and help them grow with agreed action plan.

Consultants, Hourly Workers and Freelancers

More and more organizations are dependent on external resources to deliver strategic projects. It is not advisable to measure performance of all the external outsourced partners' employees. However, it can be very beneficial to do so for the strategic software development projects.


Use of Freelancers will increase in future when more and more people will work part time on their terms. Here it makes perfect sense to extend measurement criteria as well as rewards mechanisms to Freelancers.

Holidays Calendar for Teams with Substitute Information

No need to fill excels for holidays. Employees ca apply for holidays in Pemmex while nominating the substitutes.


This ensures business runs as usual. Even when many people are on holidays at the same time.

Hiring made Easy

An easy to use Applicant Tracking System makes hiring a simple and fun for both the employer and the applicants. 

This is the first time a potential employee makes contact with the organization and we want to make it a good experience.

Time and Shifts Management

Manage team shifts with Pemmex. Organizations can meet time reporting and recording compliance requirements with using this feature in Pemmex.

Overtime to holidays or payment capabilities within the software - 100% Automated

Career and Personal Development

Career and personal development plan for all the employees.

Leaders agree the courses and other actions to be completed by the employees in agreed time, Pemmex follows it. 

Pemmex proposes career paths and courses based on employees profiles empowered by AI.

Empower your Leaders

The Managers and Leaders need detailed metrics which is based on the moment to make important decisions.

Pemmex empowers leaders with excellent analytics and data which makes decision making easier, even in most demanding hours.

Engagement Surveys

Listen to your employees and keep track of Net Promoter Score (NPS), employee satisfaction, health, happiness, loyalty and commitment.


Pemmex provides simple, yet powerful process to gather this data via surveys. 

Attrition Rate and Team's Clusters

Reduce Attrition rate proactively and take actions in timely manner to stop talent loss empowered by AI.

Identify teams with highest probability of Attrition risk. Identify components based on which such calculations have been made and address the root cause of the challenge as highlighted by the Pemmex.

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